Terms of Use

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Terms of use

The terms of use mentioned hereinafter are legally binding on the User and Different Angle 42 Private Limited, the parent company of Datsme. By signing up for our services, through any of the mediums specified on our sign up page, designates you the status of a ‘User.’

Terms of Use will be updated from time to time. The discretion for the same lies with Datsme. The applicable version of the Terms and Use is the one that is available on the latest update of the Datsme App and our website. The continuation of usage of the app by the user after any revision indicates the User’s acceptance of the updated/ revised Terms of Use.

At Datsme, we provide a compatibility score based on the questions answered by the user( hereby referred to as services). Datsme may offer additional services or revise any of the Services, at its discretion at any future date in which case these Terms and Conditions shall apply to all additional services or revised Services. Datsme reserves the right to cease any of the services that is present on the site.

1 . Eligibility for use

a) The minimum age to use the Datsme app is 18. At the time of signing up for the app, you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years old on the date of sign-up.

b) By signing up for the Datsme app, the user is agreeing that he is not convicted of any offence under Indian Law. By logging into the app, the user is granting Different angle Private Limited reserves the right to carry out background checks using public records to confirm the possibility of a criminal background.

c) To access the main features of the app, the user has to answer the initial set of questions presented to the user. The compatibility score is based on an algorithm has been tested on users but is not foolproof. Datsme does not guarantee that the compatibility score between two individuals will eventually mirror into actual compatibility in real life.

d) The User could also register with the App if the same has been recommended through any of Our third-party entity/ or corporate schemes. However, it is made clear that any such recommendation will not give rise to any liability on part of the third party entity/ or corporate recommending the Services and User will have no claim against the relevant recommending entity or Datsme during the term of receiving the Services or thereafter.

2. Use of site and service

As a registered user of the site, the 'User’ agrees to the following:

1. Exclusivity of Use: The Datsme account created on the App, by signing up through any of the mediums, is for personal use only. The User cannot give the access of the account to anyone else. The account is a non-transferrable one and cannot be transferred to a person/entity. Datsme does not take responsibility for any third party access that takes place due to theft, misappropriation of usernames and passwords and hacking.

2. Geographic boundaries: The Datsme app is currently available for Users within India. The Datsme app at some time may be made open to other geographical locations as well and the same will be made known to the Users through notifications/ intimation on the Site. The User agrees that app will be used in a manner consistent with this Terms and Conditions and any and all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the location where the User is located or is a national of. By using the Datsme app You represent that you have not been designated by any applicable law or regulation as a person/entity to whom the provisions of the Services of the app cannot be provided and who is prohibited from receiving the Services. Registration for, and use of, the Services become void if the same has been prohibited and the User uses or registers with the Site. The responsibility of determining whether the user of the Services is legal in your jurisdiction.

3. Responsibility for submitting information: The User is responsible for all the information submitted on the Datsme app. The liability of the user lies in the following regards i) the information that the user provides in his bio that is displayed on the app. ii) the answers that the user provides to the initial questionnaire iii) anything that the user posts on the Datsme app iv) the interaction of the user with other users on the app v) Any other functionality of the app that entails the user to enter information.

4. Precautions and Risks: The user is responsible for all the risks that are associated with offline/online interactions that take place with any other User that he has an interaction with on the Datsme app. Datsme assumes that the User will use his best judgement and discretion in deciding the interaction that the User chooses to undertake with the people that are encountered on the app.

5. Nothing is guaranteed: Datsme has tried to come up with an algorithm that provides the best algorithms for matching two people. However, we do not take guarantee that the quantitative value displayed in any way translate to real life compatibility. Datsme does not take any responsibility for the moral conduct of the individuals on the app.

6. Violation Reporting: The user has the obligation of Reporting the incidents of abuse if Terms of Use by any other member that is in the knowledge of the User. The User can notify Datsme by using the information given in the contact us section of the privacy policy

7. Right to Remove Content: Datsme reserves the right to Remove any content that it feels is violating the Terms of Use, may violate the dignity of any User, or any other reason deemed fit by Datsme. Datsme has the right to monitor all the posts/content that is submitted on the Datsme app. Datsme has the right to change the compatibility percentage of any User without any information being provided to the User.

8. Posting Guidelines: The User shall not post on the Datsme app that may cause any of the following:

a ). Promote racism, sexism, casteism, religious bigotry, or any other kind of discrimination.

b) Sexually explicit content

c) Copyrighted content

d) Images/Video of any other person without his/her prior consent

e) Content that promotes illegal drugs

f) Promotes a particular cult/political party

g) misrepresentation of identity

h) promotes any Ponzi scheme

i) Fishing, Spamming, Trolling content

j) includes viruses, time bombs, Trojan horses, cancelbots, worms or other harmful, or disruptive codes, components or devices

9. The integrity of Information provided

The User undertakes that the information provided by the User on the Datsme app is the best to his knowledge and is not in any way misleading. Any change in the information that comes into the notice of the User has to be updated on the App/brought to the notice of Datsme.

10. No advertising on the Datsme app

The User undertakes that he/she won't engage in promotion/advertising of any product/service on the Datsme app. The User also undertakes that he/she won't be involved in the solicitation to sell any product/service. The User is not allowed to collect the information obtained from the Datsme app to send junk-email or engage in any other form of communications that is aimed at any sort of commercial endeavor. This sort of behavior causes damage to the Datsme app, the monetary value of which is difficult to ascertain. The User is liable for a minimum of Rs. 50000 for each such engagement.

11. Protection of Datsme employees

The User undertakes that he won't engage in any sort of activity that tantamounts to any sort of harassment against any Datsme employee. Datsme reserves the right to take action against any such User.

12. Social Media Linkage

The user may use his social media account to sign up for the Datsme app. It is notified that Datsme is in no ways responsible for the privacy practices of these other websites. There might be some release of information about the User from the social media website that may be used by Datsme. The user provides consent to the use of such information by Datsme.

3. Proprietary Rights

a) Ownership: The User agrees that Datsme has the ownership rights of the proprietary information, including but not limited to the questionnaire and the compatibility system. Datsme owns and hereby retains all proprietary rights in the Services provided on the app, the information provided in the Site and the Site, including but not limited to, all Confidential Information.

b) Use if Confidential information is not allowed: The User is not allowed to create any derivative works from, distribute, make commercial use of, or reproduce in any way any (i) Confidential information or (ii) other copyrighted or copyrightable material, trademarks, or other proprietary information accessible via the App, Site or the information on the Site without first obtaining the prior written consent of Datsme which has the status of being the owner of such proprietary rights.

c) License to posted or Accessed content: By posting information or content to any profile pages or public area of the Services, or making it accessible to Datsme by linking the User account with the Site to any social network accounts (e.g. via Facebook, Twitter etc.), the User grants unconditionally and in perpetuity, and represents and warrants that the User has the right to grant, to Datsme and its users, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully-paid, worldwide license to use, reproduce, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such information and content, and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such information and content, and to grant and authorize sub-licenses of the foregoing. From time to time, Datsme may create, test or implement new features or programs on the app in which the User may voluntarily choose to participate or may be a part of a test group with special access, in accordance with the additional terms and conditions of such features or programs. By participating in such features or programs, the User grants and unconditional and perpetual right to Datsme and consents to terms and conditions (if any) of such features or programs.

4. Information of the user

a) For more information relating to the use of the information provided by the User on the app, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

b) The User undertakes that User won't post any email addresses, personal website address, personal phone numbers on a third party website, or other contact information in the Profile section of the Datsme app. The User may exchange the same with another User on the chat option in the Datsme app. Datsme doesn't take any responsibility for the information shared with any other User on the chat option.

c) Disclosure by Law: The User consents unconditionally to declare an information that is required to be made on the app for the reasons comply with the law, requests or orders from law enforcement, or any legal process (whether or not such disclosure is required by applicable law); (2) protect or defend Datsme's, or a third party's, rights or property; or (3) protect someone's health or safety, such as when harm or violence against any person (including the user) is threatened; or (4) in support of a fraud/ legal investigation/ verification checks.

d) Datsme has the right but is under no obligation to submit any user information submitted on the app, if there is a reason to suspect that the information is in any way related to a party who maybe a victim of abuse. Datsme, at its own discretion, may disclose the information to law enforcement agencies, child protection agencies, or court officials, expert professional investigative agencies and any other agency deemed fit by Datsme. The User, under this subsection, grants Datsme unconditional, perpetual right and permission to make such disclosure.

e) Use of Anonymous Information for Research. In order to better the compatibility algorithm and the user experience on the app, Datsme has the right to use the Users data anonymously. The data may be published in academic journals. However, Datsme guarantees that the responses will be anonymous and no personal information of the User will be published.

5. Third party policy

There might be links to third party websites in the Datsme app/website. Datsme isn't responsible for any content of these websites or any websites that are linked to these websites. The interactions that take place on these websites are if no interest to Datsme and Datsme takes no responsibility for any harm that may come to the User due to the interactions that take place on these websites.

6. Indemnification

The User undertakes to defend any Datsme, its affiliates, third party sponsors and its parent company (including all the employees) of any losses, liabilities, expenses, damages, costs that occur due to the following:

7. Privacy and Communications

Datsme may send occasional e-mails to users that may contain :

The users can opt out of these communications by unsubscribing from Datsme's mailing list.

Datsme may also contact the Users telephone to convey some important information regarding the services. It is optional for Users to provide their contact number.

For more information please visit our Privacy policy.

8. Termination of Account

Datsme has the right to terminate the account of any User without providing any explanation or notice to the User. Once the account is terminated, the User won't be able to access the Datsme app and all his data/chats on the Datsme app will be lost. Datsme has no obligation to provide any reason for termination of a Users account. Termination of Users account won't in any way affect the liabilities of the User pre-termination.

9. Jurisdiction and Governing Law

Any claim against these terms of use shall be governed under Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 by a sole arbitrator that will be appointed by Datsme. The proceedings shall be held in courts in Delhi in the English language. The courts in Delhi have the exclusive jurisdiction with regards to the matter mentioned above.

10. Severability

If any part in a particular section of the Terms of Use is deemed invalid by the courts, the part that is not deemed illegal in the section will remain in force until the Terms of Service are updated to remove the invalid section

11. Unforeseeable Circumstances

Datsme cannot be held liable for the provisions under this Terms of Service in case of major unforeseeable circumstances such as acts of God, fires, civil unrest, changes in laws etc.

12. Notices

All the notices, demands and other Communications have to be sent to datsmeofficial@gmail.com for them to be given consideration.

13. Updating of App

The Terms and Services and Privacy policy are updated from time to time on the website/app. The latest version of the Terms of Use and Privacy policy supersedes over all the previous versions of the same.

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