How it works

What is Datsme and why use it

How it Works

In this era of commercialization, where everything is present only to be sold to people and be bought by the users, this app takes the road less travelled, by taking care for you and your wellbeing.

The app has a psychological basis, where YOU and your social life matters, providing the accuracy you need. In a world full of materialistic and superficial things that people focus on, Datsme has its own niche which emphasizes on propinquity, similarities, self disclosure and reciprocity.

It matches you with other people based on the measures that are important in determining the compatibility between two people. It crosses all the boundaries and helps you find people from across the spectrum.

Just intall the magical app, do the formalities, get on with answering a few thoughtful questions and find your accurate compatiblity percentage with a person, who may be next to you, and embark on a journey with DATSME.

The combintion of psychology with our ever improving machine learning based algorithm makes our app unique and gives it a cutting edge.

Flip the cards to get your answers!

With Datsme, we are changing the world, by changing your world.

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