How does Datsme work?

What if it does not work out with People I’m Compatible with?

Yes it is possible that things might not click even though you have a really high compatibility. Here’s why :

1. Datsme is a Journey of knowing yourself enough, to be able to choose friends you are compatible with. What people think about themselves are not what they truly are.

2. You are always changing and evolving. Every time you take the Datsme Algorithm after a considerable time, You will find that you have changed. Thus, Datsme also gives you an introspective approach into yourself.

3. Although Compatibility is the best way to meet people, Social Media can never replace human life interactions. This is where Chemistry (The Emotional Quotient present between 2 People when they are together) comes into the picture. You can be really highly compatible with someone, but when you meet them in real life, Things may seem dull.

4. Tag Search is the best way to ensure High Compatibility and High Chemistry for best results!

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