How does Datsme work?

How does Datsme incorporate Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the Human Mind. As people are becoming more intellectual and intelligent, Smarter People need Smarter Platforms.

This is where Datsme comes into the picture, Merging the next big psychological and technological revolution.

Although you know we cannot completely reveal what our algorithm is ; But some of the Researches, Factors and Concepts that the Datsme Psychology Algorithm is based on are as follows :

1. Shasta Nelson’s Friendship Survey
2. The Frientimacy Triangle
3. Aristotle’s Model of Friendship
4. Compatibility - Chemistry Ratios
5. Social Penetration Theory
6. Social Attraction Trust Hypothesis
7. Social Exchange Theory
8. The Norm of Reciprocity
9. Constructive Conflict Resolution
10. Self - Disclosure and Reciprocity Theories
11. Intelligence and Emotional Quotient Criteria
13. Emotional Health Monitoring, and more And this will evolve with time.

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