Welcome to this
friend finder app

Discover new people like yourself to be yourself

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Welcome to this
friend finder app.

Discover new people like yourself,
to be yourself.

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Find Friends

This app was made keeping in mind the need of people to socialize and communicate, with people like themselves

User privacy

The data is kept secure and private as per the user's settings, to mantain the highest quality of user experience.

Accurate Matching

Our pair finding algorithm ensures that you find the perfect friend with the perfect chemistry and perfect like-mindedness.

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Datsme is here to lessen your load off by finding you a friend in a new location. Just fire up the app, and find the most compatible people in your vicinity !

Meet highly compatible people in your area!

Datsme enables you to find, explore, and meet the unexpected. It has the capability to change your small world into something that is worth remembering, that is worth cherishing.And this definitely makes it worth a try.

1. Live Location

Feel close to the people near you, not just in your heart, but also near your own location.

Connect with people that you can meet up on a regular basis.

Have more and more face to face conversations and build up on your friendship over time.


2. Find the Compatibility

Find friends you can be with for longer.

Find friends who you will stick to and they will stick to you because you would know each other in and out. And how?

Just answer a few questions related to your views, personality, attitudes, and more. And find a like-minded friend just around the corner.

3. Ask what matters

This feature will let you fill the gaps and personalize your relationship.

Customize your profile, ask what matters to you the most, take forward the relationship by asking and answering what you wish.

4. Chat with them

add them and start chatting, without hesitation.

We respect your privacy and provide an open space for you to chat and discuss what you like, where to meet, and even what you ate.

Simply say hi, and see the change in the way you communicate. We help you find and explore, the rest is upto you.

With Datsme, we are changing the world, by changing your world.

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